Kickstarter backers funded the first 350 Teagueduino kits.
Missed the deadline? Here's how you can get yours, too!

We want to help Teagueduino get out in the world for everyone to play with. As much fun as it would be to go down the path of making more kits ourselves, we're not at our hearts hardware manufacturers, and we certainly don't want to be middlemen resellers. We would much rather focus on the software and community side, and we truly believe there are other sources that will be able to make and sell Teagueduino kits cheaper and in higher quantity than we ever could.

Our next big move is to encourage manufacturers (such as SparkFun, DF Robot, Gravitech) to make Teagueduino compatible boards and parts. All of the hardware, software, specifications, and documentation is open source in the hopes that someone will be interested in supporting the hardware side of this burgeoning community. If you're interested, one of the best things you can do is to add your voice to this thread on SparkFun and send your friends there as well.

And if you already have a kit, you can continue to support the community by making and sharing all the awesome stuff you build using Teagueduino! We believe showing the strength of the community will help to show manufacturers the value of producing Teagueduino (creating supply to meet an existing demand).

We'll definitely be pushing harder on the kit manufacturing side (and counting on all of your help), but for the immediate future we have a ton of work to get the support and infrastructure in place for our existing users, and that's our top priority. In the meantime if you have suggestions, let us know on the discussions page!